Results 2014 (Juniors)

Results files

The results of individual races are given on the attached pdf files at the bottom of this page.

  • The "Full Results" file gives the finish order for each race in numerical order by race number and also lists the finish and intermediate times, and the crew names. 
  • The "Short Form Results" file shows the same information without the crew names, five races per sheet.  Read this file from left to right: the first-placed crew for each race is given in the left-hand column. 
  • The "Results Grouped by Event" file lists all the results of all the rounds in each event together. 

Record of the 2014 British Champions

This table shows the 2014 British Champions.  The fastest non-composite crew in each final or final A receives the club champion plaque for that event.


Event Winning Crew Time Crew Names
O J14 1x Maidenhead RC 07:58.75 Victor Kleshnev
W J14 1x Chester-le-Street ARC 09:27.07 Bobbi Forster
O J14 2x Royal Grammar Sch
High Wycombe
07:39.22 Ethan O'Connor, Lewis Howlett
W J14 2x Avon County RC 07:59.75 Bria Keen, Molly Churchman
O J14 4x+ Calpe RC 07:18.41 Jensen Doolan, Jake Moreno, Jack Prior, Julian Vinales, [Cox] Brandon Perez
W J14 4x+ Henley RC 07:49.14 Ruby Brown, Georgina Robinson Ranger, Charlotte Orr, Isabel Jonsson, [Cox] Gemma Sarney
O J15 1x Tideway Scullers Sch 07:54.00 Marcus Jonas
W J15 1x Warrington RC 08:41.93 Lucy Glover
O J15 2x Shiplake Vikings 07:13.98 Sebastian Newman, Henry Blois-Brooke
W J15 2x Globe RC 08:00.08 Leila Bernstein, Siobhan Samuel
O J15 4x+ Claires Court Sch 07:08.09 Henry Osborne, Hadley Thomas, Tom Ballinger,
Jack Harris, Sam MacGreggor
W J15 4x+ Henley RC 07:46.84 Ella Morgan, Lily Stimpson, Clare Pearson,
Florence Wiggins, [Cox] Rebecca Lister
O J16 1x Glasgow Academy 07:27.46 Josh Armstrong
W J16 1x Tideway Scullers Sch 08:33.58 Margaret Saunders
O J16 2- Aberdeen Schools RA 07:23.57 Ollie Kinghorn, Gregor Duncan
W J16 2- Walton RC 08:19.99 Tilly Catlin, Katie Giambrone
O J16 2x Maidenhead RC 07:13.37 Sam Hoxley, Henry Bennett
W J16 2x George Watson's Coll 07:50.38 Katy McDonald, Laura McDonald
O J16 4+ Aberdeen Schools RA 07:15.49 Gregor Pittendreigh, Alex Brown, Ollie Kinghorn,
Gregor Duncan, [Cox] Michael McRory
W J16 4+ Queen Elizabeth High Sch 07:54.30 Harriet Aubrook, Amy Bowman, Milly Dickinson,
Lucy Ryan, [Cox] Michael Veitch
O J16 4x Royal Grammar Sch
High Wycombe
06:37.02 Nicholas Davison, Sam Williams, Alasdair Butler,
James Beagles
W J16 4x Henley RC 07:36.35 Lauren Edwards, Madeleine Orr, Ellie Thompson,
Harriet Orr
O J 1x Leander Club 07:18.72 NR Harry Leask
W J 1x Runcorn RC


Holly McMullen
O J 2- Tideway Scullers Sch 07:26.66 Jordon Sirmon, Lucas Rodd
W J 2- Tyne RC 08:31.19 Elizabeth Dobson, Bridget Stratford

O J 2x


Newark RC / Thames RC

(Club Champions:
St Leonards Sch - silver)



Ashley Cowley (NWK), Oscar Bird (TRC)


W J 2x Bedford Girls' Sch 07:59.28 Robyn Armstrong, Lottie Bruce
O J 4- Nautilus BC 06:40.74 Christopher Zahn, Sam Haynes, Adam Crafer,
Jack Walsh
W J 4- Henley RC 07:26.58 Ciara Buckley, Kryssie Steiger, Alexis Perkins,
Emily Pimlott
O J 4x Northwich RC 06:27.06 Finnian Lawton, Zak Trigg, Leon Langmead,
Alexander Bain

W J 4x


George Watson’s/
Maidenhead RC/
St Andrew

(Club Champions:
Eton Excelsior RC - silver)



Madeleine Dobson (MHD), Jenny Stevenson
(SAN), Katy McDonald (GWC), Laura McDonald


O J 8+ Durham ARC 06:23.72 Elliot Kay, Richard Mathewson, James Snowball,
Jacob Lutz-Nattress, Jamie Patterson, Matthew
Abbiss, Thomas Jackson, Cameron Cutts, [Cox]
Elise Sanderson
W J 8+ Henley RC 07:03.75 Lauren Kay, Lily Stimpson, Florence Wiggins,
Maisie Turner, Hannah Gutteridge, Georgia
Edwards, Ella Morgan, Emma Lister, [Cox]
Rebecca Lister

NR: New record time


Victor Ludorum

The 2014 Victor Ludorum trophy and plaque for the most successful club at the Junior Championships were won by Henley RC.

Henley RC win the Victor Ludorum trophy and plaque

Crew and coaches from Henley RC holding the Victor Ludorum trophy with Sarah Winckless, Patron of the Junior Championships.
Photo: Gus Mckechnie