The Organising Committee of the British Rowing Championships recognises their Duty of Care to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to provide a safe environment for all those attending the Regatta in whatever capacity.

The Committee believes that the welfare and well being of everyone attending the Regatta whether as competitors or as spectators, is paramount.  Children and adults at risk; regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or ability, have equal rights to safety and protection, and therefore an increased Duty of Care.  All suspicions, concerns and allegations of harm will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.

The Chairman and committee will appoint an Event Welfare Advisor for the competition annually and he/she will act as the point of contact for any concerns or allegations.  A contact number will be posted on the website and they can also be contacted via any Regatta Official during the Event.

Responsibility of clubs

It is a condition of entry to the Regatta that each crew that includes junior athletes shall have a named coach or responsible adult.  The coach, who must be over the age of 18, must be named on the entry form and a current mobile telephone number for that person must be provided.  If a substitute coach comes to the Regatta he/she must contact the welfare advisor and register his/her mobile telephone number before the start of the competition.

Each coach is responsible for the welfare, safety and appropriate supervision of his/her crew and is expected to know the whereabouts of his/her crew at all times during the Regatta.

The British Rowing Championships expects clubs and schools to have their own up-to-date Safeguarding policies, and that the coaches and those responsible for the junior members are aware of these policies and actively implement them throughout the Regatta.

Responsibility of the National Water Sports Centre

Security at the Regatta is organised by the National Water Sports Centre.  The Centre’s employees do not have substantial unsupervised access to children.  However, it is expected that they will have had some safeguarding training and will be given a copy of the Safeguarding policy.  The procedures for reporting any suspicious behaviour will be highlighted to the key staff at the Centre.

Responsibilities of the British Rowing Championships Committee

The organisation of the British Rowing Championships depends upon the help and goodwill of a large number of volunteers.  The only volunteers who may potentially have substantial, unsupervised access to children are listed below.  These volunteers will be asked to provide the date and number of their enhanced disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS – formerly the Criminal Records Bureau). Where no such disclosure exists, the Committee requires one.

  • Members of the First Aid providers
  • The Welfare Adviser

​Photography and publicity

The Committee recognises that at a sports event such as the British Rowing Championships many parents and other supporters will wish to take photographs and all participants should be aware of this.  The Committee approves photography by commercial organisations and these professional photographers will be asked to display a badge to the effect that they are permitted to take photographs.  They are expected to follow British Rowing Safeguarding & Protecting Children Guidance document W.G.5.1 (displayed at the regatta). 

The Committee may make appropriate use of photographs of crews and races in publicity on its website.

Safeguarding arrangements

Each year the Committee will take the following action:

• Appoint an Event Welfare Adviser. He/she shall have undertaken appropriate recognised training and will have an appreciation of inter-agency procedures.
• Agree which commercial photographer(s) will be permitted to photograph competitors and ensure they have appropriate accreditation
• Confirm the precise arrangements for Committee members’ areas of responsibility.
• Confirm wording for the notice about Safeguarding at the Regatta for posting in the Boating Area and in the safety documents.
• Confirm that the Regatta Medical team have enhanced DBS checks.

Reporting structure