Safety and welfare

What do I do if I need first aid?

The first aid cabin is near the Finish Tower and is open during racing hours. If you require first aid outside these times, please speak to NWSC Reception in the Main Centre Building. All accidents and emergencies must be reported to a Regatta Official as soon as is practicable, who will summon the appropriate help if required.

What do I do if someone is acting suspiciously?

Please report anything suspicious (such as someone taking photos in the changing area, someone unknown to crews hanging around or tampering with equipment) to the Registration Office or the Event Welfare Adviser, (telephone 07847 761871) immediately so that appropriate action can be taken.

Who can I speak to if I am not happy with how I am being treated / looked after?

Any concerns regarding the possible well-being of a competitor should be reported to the Event Welfare Adviser who will decide on the appropriate action. She can be contacted via Registration or on telephone 07847 761871.

Missing persons

If you think that a young person or vulnerable person has gone missing, report to the nearest Regatta Official or the Event Welfare Adviser (EWA) on telephone 07847 761871 stating the time and place where the person was last seen and giving a physical description of the individual. The EWA will decide on the appropriate course of action. If you come across a young or vulnerable person who appears to be lost, please report to the nearest Regatta Official as soon as possible