Race Timetable

The Race Timetable (Provisional), List of Competing Clubs and their Colours and List of Competing Crews are attached in the 'files' section below.

The Friday Race Timetable has been updated and is attached below as Version 2.  The side-by-side races have been retimed.

Instructions to competitors and safety information may be found in the Event Information Leaflet on the Competitor Instructions page.

Version Control
The current version of the Race Timetable (Provisional) is Version 2, issued on 14th July 2017. This supersedes version 1, issued 6th July 2017.

The current version of the List of Competing Crews is Version 1.1, issued on 7th July 2017: title of W J15 4x+ corrected on page 25.  This version supersedes version 1, issued 6th July 2017.


Start Order

The Start Order is attached, giving the order for all events. 

Version Control
The current version of the Start Order is Version 1, issued on 10th July 2017.


Updated Indicative Timetable

Following a record entry, the indicative timetable provided in the Notice of Regatta has been revised to take account of extended racing hours.  The Organising Committee has released this information in advance of publishing the full Race Timetable so that competitors can adjust their travel and accommodation plans if necessary.


Friday, 14th July 2017  
09:00-09:15 Coaches briefing
10:00-10:30 J14 4x+ time trials
11:00-18:00 J14 omnium
18:30-19:30 J14 4x+ minor finals and finals
Saturday, 15th July 2017  
08:00-15:00 Time trials (J15, J16 & J18)
15:30-19:00 Side-by-side racing (J15, J16 & J18)
Sunday, 16th July 2017  
08:00-18:15 Side-by-side racing (J15, J16 & J18)