Competitor Instructions

Omnium Skills Published

The skills to be tested for J14 1x and 2x on Friday are now published and attached below.

Published 14th July 2017



Instructions to Competitors and Safety Instructions

The Event Information Leaflet, containing the instructions to competitors and safety instructions, is attached below. Each crew will be provided with a hard copy of this leaflet when they register at the Regatta.

Version Control
The current version of the Event Information Leaflet is Version 1, issued on 6th July 2017.

J14 Omnium

The details of the skills tests, manoeuvrability exercises and races, and the standard required for each are published in the 'J14 Omnium Instructions' document which can be found in the 'Files' section below.

Links to the accompanying videos are published within this document.   

Version Control
The current version of the J14 Omnium Instructions is Version 1, issued on 1st June 2017.